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Sowing New Seeds!

During this quiet time of year we can take a moment to listen to our deeper voices that are sprouting within us. The plants are gathering strength from their roots within the Earth to maintain vitality and safety for the coming year.

I too am listening deeply to my inner voice and I want to start sharing what is coming forward in my personal and professional world on this website. I want to share my thoughts and views, adventures and teachings of living with the seasons and in harmony with Mother Earth.

I learn from listening to my heart and my dear friends and relations human and non-human. I also want to share projects and workshop venues as well as many stories from my adventures with photos and cool website postings and resources on these pages. It will be like a living journal blog.

For those who are interested in studying with me, I’m trying to make myself available to more people. So to start with I would like to invite you to join me this spring at the following online events, festivals, courses, workshops and conferences.

Join me online for a new Agroforestry Course with the Permaculture Skills Center! In this era of unchecked global warming, deforestation, and industrial agriculture, we need to act quickly in order to regenerate ecosystem processes and feed a growing populace.Regenerative Agroforestry is a holistic approach, which provides fully integrated solutions that restore our environment while simultaneously feeding people.

February and March 2019 in Costa Rica and Peru!

Join me and a host of incredible artists and visionaries and let's creatively envision our future together on this beautiful, resilient planet.

Permaculture as a tool for navigating through these times. What can we do now that our great great grandchildren will thank us for?

As the world is unraveling and it is clear that governments and most corporations are not going to step up to take leadership to heal the damaged places on the planet, it is up to us to create the world we want to live in.

Penny Livingston has been working with many communities from indigenous to western industrialized cultures to help address critical issues facing us regarding clean healthy food and water supplies to energy systems and broad acre agroforestry. 

After the festival, heading south to the Sacred Valley of Peru in the stunning Andes with Rising Appalachia and Reviveolution!

I will be joining one of my most favorite bands Rising Appalachia! Yep! That’s right! This will be for a couple of concerts and a permaculture Action event to be determined by the local Quechua, Q’ero, expat and urban Peruvian community. I taught a Permaculture Design Course there last spring and there is a lot of momentum to support local organic Quechua farmers, develop more education and awareness on nutrition and economic stability as well as looking into what are the next steps to keep the community connected and engaged in developing further resilience.

Here is some feedback by one of the farmers after the Permaculture Design Course!

Lucid University and Lucidity Festival

April 9-12

I invite you to join me with Lucid University in the beautiful coastal mountains outside of Santa Barbara California.

Get Discount Tickets HereYou can get $25 off of registration if you use this code: ecopenny

There are many amazing offerings. I will be participating in the Ecoliteracy and Earth Arts tract.

We will explore the interconnected and intricate web and how life works, plays, breathes and thrives together in relationship with each other.

We will explore the many gifts of the plant world and how to interact with plants in their ecosystems, in the garden in the apothecary, on the table and within our bodies. We will make some healing remedies as well as explore the profound alchemical art of distillation. We will also explore how to make life supporting decisions for how we can provide for our needs on multiple levels. Learn more...

More Upcoming Events! GLOBAL EARTH REPAIR CONFERENCE PORT TOWNSEND, WASHINGTON May 3-5, 2019 This is an exciting international conference with amazing people speaking on Earth Repair Strategies at all levels and scales. Check it out! REGENERATIVE HERBALISM WORKSHOPCOMMONWEAL GARDEN, BOLINAS, CA May 17-19, 2019 I will be co-teaching a Regenerative Herbal Series with beautiful Dr. Anna O’Mally, an integrated family physician and founder of Natura Institute for Ecology and Medicine. This will be located at the beloved Commonweal Garden in Bolinas May 17-19. We will do a Spring and Late Summer exploration into the magic and wonder of herbs and how they interact with your body. We will make remedies and learn how to deeply explore a plant and determine what is the best remedy to make to serve your needs and how to prepare it. I hope to see you at least one (maybe more) of these events so we can connect, share stories, learn from each other and explore new ideas and skills together. I’m so excited to have a flexible online venue to express myself, share awesome solutions and ideas on how to navigate these times of the Great Turning, The Great Unraveling and the Great Awakening! What an amazing time to be alive! Thank you for reading, Penny Livingston

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