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Updated: Mar 13

Permaculture Design Course at Whidbey Institute Washington June 20-July 4, 2024

Hi Community! Well it looks like the world is coming out again officially "post pandemic" to join together to live and learn in community again! Yay! We´re back!

My newest endeavor is that I´m organizing an in person Permaculture Design Certification Course at the beautiful Whidbey Institute in Clinton, Washington. Some of the best instructors I know will be joining me June 20 -Jul7 4 2024.

Early Bird Discount of $400 off of tuition if registered before April 15!

Permaculture Design Course at Whidbey Institute June 20- July 4, 2024

A big incentive for doing this workshop are 2 things.

  1. I´m feeling an energetic momentum building here and abroad calling us to gather together again. To come together physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally to be in a learning community together.

  2. Whidbey Institute is a beautiful place with very special people. We want to get people back to the land to tend and grow together there.

  3. People of all walks of life NEED this information. So much of the destruction of our sweet Mother Earth is due to ignorance. I believe many people mean well and do not intend to do harm to the world. Everything from taking a bath in the river with organic biodegradable soap, to how and where we put our money has unknown and unintended consequences.

All proceeds from this course will go to land projects and garden maintenance at the Whidbey Institute.

I hope you can join us. Please pass this along to interested people. This is rare offering and is going to be a changing event!

Early Bird Discount of $400 off of tuition if registered before April 15!

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